Our passion for technological innovation underpins the style and form of everything Mountain Force creates. We don’t wait until the large fabric manufacturers come up with new innovations so we can adopt them. We prefer to work together directly with them to deliver innovation to the mountain and to you, regardless of activity.


Developed by Mountain Force itself, 12-way stretch provides a new dimension in freedom of movement and wearing comfort.

In contrast to 4-way stretch, which is the standard in the skiwear industry, 12-way stretch includes flexibility in every layer of fabric. Each layer, even the inner lining and insulating material, is elastic and tear-resistant. The high quality of the padding’s flexibility is unique on the market at this time. It was developed by Mountain Force through extensive experiments in cooperation with a renowned padding supplier and has been improved each season.

Both on and off the slopes, 12-way stretch provides extraordinary freedom of movement that lives up to the highest demands for Alpine winter wear.


All functional, laminated upper materials from Mountain Force are produced, dyed, printed and fitted with a ceramic membrane in Japan. This highly innovative membrane distinguishes itself through being extraordinarily light, elastic and breathable, and thereby achieves excellent waterproofing (water column: 20,000 mm).

It also incorporates a climate-regulating characteristic: the high tech membrane is mixed in with heat reflecting ceramic particles. These reflect the cold outwards and body heat inwards, providing an extra layer of added comfort for you.


Polartec® Thermal Pro® materials are some of the most technically advanced textiles from the Polartec® material family for thermal insulation. They are made of 100% polyester fibres and are ultra-light, extremely breathable, store air on the surface, and therefore offer excellent heat retention. In addition, the materials are water resistant and allow moisture to simply drip off.


Polartec® Alpha® is the first high performance fabric to materialize the concept of active insulation. By placing patented low density fibers between air permeable woven layers we have created a more efficient fabric for regulating warmth and transferring moisture. This advancement increases thermal adaptability in changing conditions and different phases of physical activity.


PrimaLoft® Gold Insulation Active offers 4-way-stretch, high breathability and warmth at the same time, even during wet weather. It regulates the wearer’s comfort levels during intense activities. The thermal efficiency eliminates the need for repeatedly putting on or taking off layers. Bluesign® certified.


Since we were founded, Mountain Force has had the aim of combining the highest functionality and modern design, to create products which can be described as “Precision Apparel”. Our longstanding experience, craftsmanship skills and our focus on creating precision apparel for the mountain, is the basis of everything we do.


Mountain Force cares about the quality of the apparel we deliver to you. We check 100% of our materials for defects and colour fidelity before they are cut. We look out for materials and ingredients deviations and evaluate abrasion, even sizing issues, in order to guarantee a consistently high quality standard for all our products.

We even press all of our products during production, something that has long disappeared from the sports apparel production process. We have revived this relic from traditional tailoring, and in this way achieve a high standard of precision, and that is the quality we stand for.


Mountain Force prioritises manual work and dexterity in the production of our collection. This starts with pattern design. Before it goes into the computer, every pattern is constructed by hand, transferred to a card, and a prototype is created. Only when the pattern is perfect, is it transferred into the computer. A Mountain Force ski jacket consists of up to 350 individual parts, which are put together in up to 1,500 work steps, which can take up to 12 working hours according to the complexity of the product.


Perfect workmanship is based on the longstanding experience of the employees and is shown in the precise implementation of even the smallest details. The blend of state of the art technology and the highest manual precision makes the clothing produced by Mountain Force something special.


The pinnacle of apparel production

Design is important to us, but it would be nothing without a capable manufacturer. For over 40 years KTC has invested deeply in exactly what the company’s initials stand for: Knowledge, Technology and Craft. By exploring the latest technologies, pioneering manufacturing methods, and forging solid partnerships with some of the world’s most inspirational brands (including Mountain Force), KTC has become a byword for the development and production of premium, world class, activity-specific performance apparel. We are proud to work with them. We even print “Made by KTC” in each and every one of our products.


Production at fair conditions

We also share KTC’s ethical attitude and the way it values and looks after its employees. KTC recognises that the best quality and willingness to innovate can only be achieved in the longer term with satisfied employees. Unsurprisingly, KTC has an international reputation in the area of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), and was the first independent production operation for sportswear worldwide to join the Fair Wear Foundation (FWF) and the Fair Labor Association (FLA). Both are internationally recognised not-for-profit organisations with a mission to improve the work conditions in the global clothing industry. KTC operates an open factory policy and welcomes not only journalists from all over the world, but also puts all audit reports for the above organisations on the web for the public to view as well.

See for yourself:



What sort of premium brand – or consumer for that matter – would accept unfair production conditions? Not many. And certainly not us. You can’t close your eyes when it comes to production. Fortunately, we don’t have to. That is why we are very grateful to have found a reliable partner in KTC Limited, which as a prestigious manufacturer stands for unbeatable quality, but also for the adherence to social standards. (You can read more about this above.) Wherever possible, we dedicate ourselves to improvement of the working conditions across the global clothing industry, which is why we are members of the Fair Wear Foundation. In fact, Mountain Force was recently acknowledged as one of the “leading members” of the Fair Wear Foundation, due to our constant commitment to compliance with social standards. We can’t say fairer than that.