Gloria Palast: Premium cinema in Munich

Gloria Palast: Premium cinema in Munich

Seafood instead of popcorn and champagne instead of cola

No sooner the summer has give away his last warm rays – the autumn showers us with rain and coldness. Most of the bad weather activities have already been tried out and new ideas have to be found for making the rainy and cold weekends much more exciting and meaningful.

A special tip for the current wet and chilly weekends is the redesigned premium cinema “Gloria Palast” in Munich. Of course going to the movies is not the most creative alternative on such rainy days, however the Gloria Palast is not just a “simple” cinema.

The Gloria Palast already opened its doors in 1956. At that time solemnly under the hand of Ilse Kubaschewski, the mother of the classical German movies with regional background. Since then, numerous German and international film premieres were held in the Gloria Palast. But time has left its mark. Glamorous events and pompous premieres have long been forgotten. The end of the Gloria Palast – unthinkable, so the cinema opened with a new concept after a 4-month renovation period.

The 500 seats have now been minimized to 240 comfortable leather chairs. The elegant chairs are equipped with a footrest, adjustable back and plenty of legroom. The normal entrance costs € 17,50 per person and for a seat on the balcony one pays € 19,50 per person.

The Gloria Palast should make a visit to the cinema as valuable as in past days again, when a visit was as special as a theatre performance. And exactly that is what one thinks when you enter it. The complete cinema was designed in the style of a theatre. There is always a selection of champagne offered, bars are covered with white leather and the culinary choice is incredible. Until the beginning of the main movie, the food is optionally served directly to your seat. On the menu you will find dishes such as “The Big Blue – Three kinds of fine smoked salmon, prawns in a garlic Thai marinade on Goma Wakame, served with a mixed glasnoodle salad” or for dessert, “Meet Joe Black –  a Crunchy Nut Chocolate Allumette with separate espresso”.

A visit to the Gloria Palace for sure is an experience and may be a welcoming alternative to conventional cinemas. Perhaps may even be a reason to plan a city trip to Munich in spite of the rain.