Glowing Desert and Lonely Bush – a travel through the richly faceted Namibia

Glowing Desert and Lonely Bush – a travel through the richly faceted Namibia

Cultural diversity and abundant landscape – Those who travel to Namibia are on the search for adventure and at the same time seek the silence of nature. Desert, rivers, ocean, tropics and the everlasting landscape, this opulent offer of nature is almost inexhaustible in this country. In June 2013 the Namib Desert in the west of Namibia, was announced a UNESCO World Heritage Site. One more reason to go on a travel through this facet-rich country in Africa!

With the “Glowing Desert and Lonely Bush Tour” from the agency “DESIGNREISEN” the highlights of Namibia are discovered in two weeks for all enthusiastic travelers. As a couple or a small traveling group, the adventurous tour through Namibia begins. There is a lot to discover: the Namib Desert with its deep red sand, the Oranje River the longest river in the south of Africa, the wild Atlantic Ocean and the lush Caprivi region in the north. Thereby not only the landscape is admirable, but also the unique Namibian-German culture, which was founded during the colonial era in 1884. This can immediately be seen by the arrival in the capital Windhoek. Here a couple of buildings, such as the church “Christuskirche”, were built by German architects in the 1900s popular European architectural styles neo-romanticism and art nouveau.

From Windhoek the tour leads towards Sossusvlei, where the biggest dunes of the Namib Desert and the highlights for all photographers is situated, the Death Valley. What makes the Death Valley special, is the fascinating color contrast in this dried out river bed, in which black dead trees catch the eye in front of a red dune scenery. And during a sundowner drink on the dunes, nature offers all visitors a colorful experience. Especially worth seeing is the Namib Desert in spring, when the rain season has passed and an unique scenery presents itself: the flourishing green desert!

The tour continuous with the plane to the north towards the Damaraland, by which the unique landscape can be admired from a birds perspective. In the Damaraland, hiking tours to the petro glyphs of the Bushmen are offered, as well as mountain bike tours and game drives into the wilderness. And the tour has another highlight to offer on the last stop: The absolute hotspot for safaris, the Etoscha Nationalpark with its innumerable wild animals.

If culture or wilderness, with this tour through Namibia everyone will find their own adventure!


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